Panel Discussions & Seminars

The American Marketing Association – DFW Chapter has partnered with Anthony Burokas of Frisco Studios to record and produce the video of their monthly panel discussions on a wide range of topics for marketing professionals. These videos serve to not only document the quality of the programming the DFW AMA puts together, but it demonstrates the vitality and caliber of DFW marketing processionals.

Anthony utilizes the latest technologies to produce this six and seven-camera live-switch, including titles and graphics, through the use of small, wireless cameras that enable Anthony to see and adjust every view, pan and tilt the cameras, zoom, and more, while recording a pristine FullHD program for final delivery. If you need the polished look of multiple cameras, for what many people pay for single camera coverage, call Anthony at Frisco Studios today.

Corporate Image Videos

When Nelson Forensics embarked on revamping their entire public-facing image, that means everything from the logo, to the web site, and a ground-up new video campaign highlighting their vast array of services. Anthony Burokas from Frisco Studios was instrumental taking this from “we need a video” to the feature piece of their new web site. Script to screen, Anthony oversaw outlines, which became scripts, working with Nelson to work with the availability of their talented team members and staff, filming on multiple days, with multiple cameras in multiple locations to make the best use of the limited time available.

In the end the video not only delivers the new message to existing and future customers, the video also served as the source of many of the still images in the web site itself. When you need the highest level of quality for your marketing and promotional materials, let Frisco Studios make you look Awesome.

Business Marketing with Interviews

Frisco’s own Mayor Cheney relies on Anthony Burokas to produce the video of their quarterly “Round Table” Business Discussions on the important topics to the business community in North Texas. Anthony uses some of the latest technologies to produce this muti-camera show, of a live event, wirelessly from a single location in the room. This saves on the cost of multiple operators and all the time that would be spent stringing wires around the room, that has over 250 people moving through it. This also allows the cameras to get up close and provide views that you can’t normally get with most video productions of live events.

These events position Frisco as a leader and innovator in the latest business trends and innovations. It brings the business community together where business leaders can mingle and network. It showcases the movers and shakers in the Frisco Community while keeping Frisco itself, and Mayor Cheney top of mind when it comes to business leadership.

Corporate Webcasts

When your company needs to reach multiple offices across the country with your message, call Anthony Burokas of Frisco Studios. He leverages over a decade of experience, and an array of tools, to make sure your project looks as polished as possible. Delivering exactly what you need, nothing you don’t, and doing it affordably and professionally every step of the way. Whether it be Trinity Rail, Bell Helicopter, Siemens, TEXO, or any corporate office, Anthony works with your in-house team to make sure your needs are taken care of.

Chambers, Trades, & Economic Development

The Frisco Chamber of Commerce knows well the importance of video- and they use it every year at their annual awards banquet. Anthony Burokas provided those services for several years to honor fellow local businesses. Anthony also ran the awards show for TEXO which combines two of the largest national construction trade associations to unify, advocate, and advance the construction industry in North and East Texas. The same can be said for Economic Development organizations.

In every aspect reaching new businesses, reaching members of these organizations, informing them of your activities, and keeping them up to date on what’s going on is ESSENTIAL in today’s fast-paced business environment.

Video for Magazines & Print? Yes!

When Frisco Style Magazine came to announce their annual Person of the Year award, they wanted to have their readers really get to know their latest recipient, Peter Burns. In addition to a printed article, and custom photography, the magazine added yet another layer of media- a sit down interview with the honoree himself.

This interview was shot live, with multiple cameras, as an “armchair discussion” to give readers of the magazine a real, close appreciation for what Mr. Burns has done, why he has done it, and what he continues to look forward to doing. There’s nothing else that can really enable you to feel like you know a person like video can.

Associations & Organizations

“Frisco Arts Friday – Live” TV series for the Frisco Association fro the Arts spotlighted the arts community and featured emerging singer, painters, dancers, writers, photographers, and even culinary artists. The Frisco Arts Association used Facebook Live to notify, entertain, and inform their followers about the very many activities coming up in Frisco’s vibrant Arts scene.

Today, being Live is being active. You command attention. Social media promotes live. But more importantly, live programming remains available after the fact and continues to entertain and promote long after it is live. It has an energy that you can’t get in an edited video. It is all “spur of the moment” and it feels completely different.

Frisco Studios produced the entire series on-location at Frisco Studios. Using as many as six in-studio cameras, live titles, music playback, wireless mics, and a big, fat connection to the internet to drive live engagement through Facebook comments. Views after the live show blow past 10,0000 and demonstrate the effectiveness of using high production values to tell your story.

Selling The Home

Today, it takes more than a few still images to really SELL a house. You basically need a polished commercial production to step up the game and really promote a home’s biggest selling points.

Frisco Studios is proud to partner with elite Keller Williams realtor Jan Richey in the Frisco area to develop an innovative way to give visitors a real guided home tour- as if you were there with the realtor. This is far beyond some pan & scan photos, or some virtual tech that doesn’t work half the time, this is a personal, guided tour that not only introduces potential buyers to the high-points of the home, but also introduces them to the realtor, the person they will be interacting with when they go after that home.

But it is not as easy as it looks…