Business Marketing with Interviews

Frisco’s own Mayor Cheney relies on Anthony Burokas to produce the video of their quarterly “Round Table” Business Discussions on the important topics to the business community in North Texas. Anthony uses some of the latest technologies to produce this muti-camera show, of a live event, wirelessly from a single location in the room. This saves on the cost of multiple operators and all the time that would be spent stringing wires around the room, that has over 250 people moving through it. This also allows the cameras to get up close and provide views that you can’t normally get with most video productions of live events.

These events position Frisco as a leader and innovator in the latest business trends and innovations. It brings the business community together where business leaders can mingle and network. It showcases the movers and shakers in the Frisco Community while keeping Frisco itself, and Mayor Cheney top of mind when it comes to business leadership.