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When you want the TV studio look…
When you want high production value…
But you need it all to come to you – or to go on location…


Anthony Burokas producing the multi-camera, live switched video for Frisco Mayor Cheney’s “Round Table” Discussion at the Cowboys Training Facility in Frisco. 

We can live stream you to YouTube, Facebook, etc.
We can put your live video behind a registration “paywall”
We can make it a private webcast for corporate use. 

We can do it without wires everywhere, using the latest technologies to almost be invisible to event attendees. Less hassle = greater event enjoyment by everyone.

We can use the same technology and record the entire live program, multiple cameras, professional audio, titles, video playback, slides and more, all on location. 

Record it and then you can distribute it internally or however you see fit. 

Why use us?

Because we have proven that our high production value video can be 16x more engaging than the typical “selfie” live video. Well produced video is easier to watch, more interesting, better sounding, and lives longer than anything recorded at arm’s length. 

Download our whitepaper to see how we skyrocketed engagement for the Frisco Association for the Arts, across MONTHS, not just minutes.
We’re not talking 20% better.
We’re not talking 200% better.
We consistently delivered 700% to 1600% better engagement and viewing than other “selfie-live” videos- even videos produced the same day, just before and after our studio productions. 

We are experts in the field with over 20 years of live, multi-cam, broadcast video production experience. It’s not just the gear. Anyone can buy gear. But it takes years of experience to know how to properly apply these technologies. 

Anthony Burokas Engineering Experience

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