Associations & Organizations

“Frisco Arts Friday – Live” TV series for the Frisco Association fro the Arts spotlighted the arts community and featured emerging singer, painters, dancers, writers, photographers, and even culinary artists. The Frisco Arts Association used Facebook Live to notify, entertain, and inform their followers about the very many activities coming up in Frisco’s vibrant Arts scene.

Today, being Live is being active. You command attention. Social media promotes live. But more importantly, live programming remains available after the fact and continues to entertain and promote long after it is live. It has an energy that you can’t get in an edited video. It is all “spur of the moment” and it feels completely different.

Frisco Studios produced the entire series on-location at Frisco Studios. Using as many as six in-studio cameras, live titles, music playback, wireless mics, and a big, fat connection to the internet to drive live engagement through Facebook comments. Views after the live show blow past 10,0000 and demonstrate the effectiveness of using high production values to tell your story.