Selling The Home

Today, it takes more than a few still images to really SELL a house. You basically need a polished commercial production to step up the game and really promote a home’s biggest selling points.

Frisco Studios is proud to partner with elite Keller Williams realtor Jan Richey in the Frisco area to develop an innovative way to give visitors a real guided home tour- as if you were there with the realtor. This is far beyond some pan & scan photos, or some virtual tech that doesn’t work half the time, this is a personal, guided tour that not only introduces potential buyers to the high-points of the home, but also introduces them to the realtor, the person they will be interacting with when they go after that home.

But it is not as easy as it looks…

Frisco Studios’ own Anthony Burokas helped The Jan Richey team promote some of the best homes to ensure they really get the price they deserve. In this case, a unique lakeside location, four car garage, and massive kitchen area were some of the biggest selling points. Brought to life with dynamic videography that helped sell the home above asking price.

Calculate the sun to pick the right time of day to ensure the perfect look.

Frisco Studios provides an economical package that spans the gamut from a simpler production for the $500,000 home, to a much more lavish and upscale tour for the million-dollar, and multi-million dollar home. Multiple 4K cameras, floating gimbals, high resolution drone footage, excellent sound, custom music, all serve to make these videos entertaining as well as informative.

You’ve seen enough realtors try to show a home by waving their cell phone around as they walked through the house. You stopped watching because you got dizzy, and the audio was real bad. Every potential customer stopped watching too.

You are not only representing high-dollar homes, you are representing yourself. A top notch realtor does an awesome job, not just in home selling, or buying, but in every aspect of their business. Customers see everything you do, and if quality is what you offer the customer, quality is what you have to demonstrate- every step of the way. That’s what Frisco Studios provides for you.

We can be booked the same week, be in and out in about an hour (for a simpler production), and deliver a polished video you are proud to share, in just a few days. We handle everything from shooting, editing, music, sound, and more. You provide the details of the home you want to highlight. Tease the potential buyer’s interest and get them in the door.

We’ll work with you to develop your own look and feel. Your own tagline. Your own musical signature. Your own graphics treatment. Your videos will highlight you as much as they highlight the homes you represent. You are investing in yourself— your image, your polish, and your professionalism. These videos stay on YouTube, Facebook, social media, and continue to represent you to anyone who searches to find out more about you– earning you more and better customers, now and in the future.