Telling Your Story

Would an SEO company need help reaching potential customers?
Absolutely. Every company does.

Frisco Studios helped Osky Blue establish the personal connection that popping up at the top of search results just doesn’t provide. Search results are good to get your foot in the door, but we all know decisions are based on relationships.

People trust people.

So when it comes to building that trust, Frisco Studios helps you open that door wide and establish a deeper connection with future customers.

Frisco Studios has decades of experience helping companies bridge the gap. Click through to see more stories of how we use video.

Anthony crafted a personal message that not only enables Jon to cover the essential services Osky Blue provides, but Anthony helped craft a personal message that reaches directly to the viewer and created the personal connection that a page of text completely lacks.

When Rockfish Seafood & Grill opened up their Frisco location, they brought long-time head chef Matt Baum in to make sure the new location was as good as it could be. Rockfish also tapped Frisco Style magazine for marketing, and Frisco Style used Frisco Studios to produce the video that highlights a new recipe for Rockfish, and exposes the new location to Rockfish fans, and Frisco Style readers.

Video is easy to share on social media, and easy to keep around for customers to find organically when searching for keywords- like ingredients, or recipes, or types of food, like shrimp cocktail. These organic finds lead new customers to discover Rockfish that they simply wold not have reached without the video from Frisco Studios.

GM Financial needed to demonstrate the effects that the Boy Scouts of America after school programs have on kids. They sent Anthony Burokas on location to capture how the BSA Longhorn Council involves and excites the curiosity of kids on a daily basis. This video was utilized both by GM Financial and by the Boy Scouts of America to show not only they type of activity that goes in in their after school programs for inner-city youth, but the involvement, interest, excitement, and enjoyment that it provides to the children that are enrolled in the program.

“It brought tears to my eyes. It will change the future of this program. Everyone wants to see their children and it is so hard because they are not able to go to the schools and see our program.  Your brought the program to them and we are so grateful!  Thank you from all of my kids in these programs!”   — Renee @ BSA Longhorn Council

America SCORES / Dallas was especially challenged by their unique coupling of poetry and soccer in one after-school program. These two activitiesa re not often thought of working together. But teamwork on the field is related to how we understand, accept, and encourage the creative endeavors of your fellow teammates. We are each individuals and if we can be creative in an encouraging environment, then we can better cooperate on the field as well.

Frisco Studios created the signature video for America SCORES / Dallas’ year-end fundraising banquet utilizing parents, teachers, staff, and the kids that make the whole program work together.

Anthony Burokas and Frisco Studios digs deep to find the story and character that elevates a video. It’s not just about facts. It’s about the affect we have on others, and relating that story in an entertaining and interesting way. Frisco Studios can enable you to step up from just telling “what” but telling “why” and “how.”

When it came time to let people know about Frisco Studios, and to show off the studio, we, of course, used video. This short video not only demonstrates the size and usability of the studio, but how four cameras can be used to very quickly tell a story- in as little as one take.