Insurance Information

Please review this information about the required insurance
A Certificate of Insurance is a document provided by your business insurance company specifying the coverage you carry. Just like the auto insurance form, this document shows that you are currently covered. This includes general liability and (usually) property – so if you drop your brand new expensive camera, or it gets stolen, you can replace it.

The form you get when you first purchase business liability insurance will list you and/or your company as the insured party. Many businesses, including most rental studios, will require a Certificate of Insurance naming themselves as “Additional Insured.” This means that your insurance company will also cover that business in case of an accident. So if your client trips over a power cord and knocks a light down on their head, both you and the business (or studio) you are dealing with, are covered by that insurance policy.

Frisco Studios does not manage your production. We aren’t watching for any hazards you, your crew, or clients may experience on your production. Therefore we require a Certificate of Insurance naming “Anthony Burokas and Frisco Studios” as “Additional Insured” parties.

Most insurance companies are used to providing Certificates of Insurance for additionally insured parties. Our experience has been that most of them can email a PDF of it within 10-15 minutes. It’s easy. Then you forward that to us, and everyone is happy.
Many do not charge for this service, as they can automatically generate them. A few companies may charge a minimal service fee, like $10-25, but they are the exception. They want to keep you as a customer.

Then you send this form to Frisco Studios prior to your rental. We cannot permit access to our space without having a Certificate of Insurance on file that covers the time frame of your rental.

If you do not have business insurance, and you really should, there are many online insurance companies who offer special event insurance. Just like a wedding event, which only covers one day, they can cover the time frame of your rental without you having to purchase insurance for a full year. You can simply type “event insurance quote” (or something similar) in to your favorite search engine to check rates from a number of different companies.

We highly recommend securing proper business insurance. It will not only help protect you from accidents, but insure your expensive photo gear as well– something which could put you out of business if you’re not prepared. Be prepared. Get insurance.
At the least, you’ll need it to rent Frisco Studios.