Frisco Studios is Your studio!

Cameras in the Studio!

Think of Frisco Studios as your studio space.
So close, so convenient, so easy to use.
Rent as much, or as little, as you need!

Prices start at just $250 for a 1/2 day of studio use.

Or make a completely finished video in under an hour! As low as $195. …with music, graphics, video playback, lower thirds, and titles. You can even leave with it on your USB stick- ready to use. It’s that easy.

We’ve already built a great soundstage:
— sound-dampened room:
the entire ceiling is sound absorbent
— 35-foot white cyc “infinity wall” corner,
with tilt-in top
— lighting grid with 4 dimmable channels
— over 100 amps of power in the studio
— Customizable reverse wall ready for your backdrops or green screen
Broadcast Ready!
— Four Full-HD cameras
— Rolling adjustable pedestal tripods
— Easy to read 17″ Prompter
— Broadcast-level Sony wireless microphones
— 42″ studio monitor on a rolling stand
Separate Control Room
— Tricaster ready to mix up to 8 cameras, play back your video, stills, graphics, music.
— Audio mixer to control all the sources
Recording & Streaming
— Record Production Level video for you to continue editing and finish later
— Webcast to corporate locations
— Stream live to social media

Photography Space
— Nearly 400sf of space you can utilize for photography, without distractions or other demands on the space. Spread out as much as you need. Get comfortable.

Best of all, we have over 25 years of broadcast television experience you can leverage to make sure you get the best video possible, even if you have zero technical knowledge. Let us do all that for you. Call us today. Or send us an e-mail. 

Studio A in use


As easily as we stood here and made this demo- you can use the studio too.