Social Media Videos

Frisco Arts Friday

You want to be social! Everyone does.

You want a weekly video update, latest news, announcement, you name it…

You want it to look and sound great!
In addition, you also want simple, and cost effective.

Frisco Studios does that.

Walk in with your logo, artwork, props, background…
Use our studio, our camera, our lights, our microphones…
You speak to the camera…
We’ll add the graphics in real time – while you talk!
Clean up the studio… and
You leave with your polished video on a USB stick.
All in under an hour.

Starting at just $195*

There’s nowhere else that you can have this level of production, experienced staff, studio space, and all this equipment, for such a low cost.

Using Frisco Studios for making Social Media Marketing


*Studio Session prices based on frequency and services used.
Three month contract, paid in advance.

Weekly Video (12 Studio Sessions)
$195 per week, one camera, one wireless mic, studio lights. $2,340
$295 per week, three cameras, three mics, studio lights. $3,540

Bi-Weekly Video (6 studio sessions)
$249 a week, one camera, one mic, studio lights. $1,494
$349 a week, three cameras, three mics, studio lights. $2,792

Monthly Video (3 studio sessions)
$329 a week, one camera, one mic, studio lights. $987
$429 a week, three cameras, three mics, studio lights. $1,287

One Studio Session (1 hour)
$399 one camera, one mic, studio lights.
$499 three cameras, three mics, studio lights.

Prompter use is an additional $50/hr.

“One hour” is walk-in to walk-out.
This includes walk in, setup time, loading media, adjusting camera, putting on the microphone, getting everything set up right, etc.
Then, recording your short 1-5 minute video 1-2 times.
Clean up the studio, copy your video, and walk out.
It is not 1 full hour of recording time in the studio.
Director is included. Additional crew is available at additional cost, or you can provide your own.
Editing is available at $85 an hour. Turnaround is 1+ days, depending on availability.
Any time over your scheduled hour is an additional hour rate.
Other scheduled shoots may prevent going past your scheduled time.
For half day and full day rental costs- see our studio rental information.
Signed Rental Agreement is required.

Studio booking is subject to availability. A regular schedule may be possible, but you agree that larger studio rentals take scheduling priority. Social Media Package hourly rentals will shift days and times to accommodate.

Client provides everything in front of the camera: backdrop, set materials, costume/clothing, makeup, hair, etc.,
Client provides any and all graphics (JPG images, video clips) and text we type in (lower 3rd and titles).
Client can provide their own lower 3rd graphics and overlays as 1920×1080 PNG graphics.
Client provides clean text for prompter as txt file.
Client provides media on USB stick, and that USB stick is used for delivery.

Any failure of Frisco Studios to provide services will result in reimbursement of that weekly studio session fee. Recording of session constitutes “service provided.” Client can attempt reschedule studio sessions within the same week, depending on studio availability. There is no reimbursement for failure of client to utilize scheduled studio session.