Studio A / Studio-PLUS

STUDIO-A: Is the main studio. It includes a 21′ wall, through an “infinity corner” to 19 more feet of infinity wall. Perfect for head to toe videography and photography. The ceiling height at the wall is 8′ but the white wall continues up and the visual extension appears to be 10-12 feet high.


  • 21′ x 19′ (400 sf) room with a white cove and ceiling extension
  • 9.5′ grid clearance
  • 11′ to work lights
  • Air-conditioned
  • WiFi
  • 120 amps of power
  • Light stands, boom stands, sandbags, extension cords, adjustable clamps.
  • Adjacent makeup area with natural light
  • 16′ x 30′ driveway ramp with dual 3′ loading doors. (not for parking)

Studio Diagram

If you are planning on filming and audio is critical please note that this studio is mostly sound-proof. It is heavily insulated, but the sounds of big trucks, as well as Fire or Ambulance sirens/horns on busy Main Street will get through.

Studio-A ANDlighting package includes four 4-bank softboxes (daylight balanced) that have two switches for 2 lamps each (not dimmable). These are hung on the grid. We also have two RGB COB cans capable of any color, any brightness. With a lens swap, the COB lights can be wide flood OR fairly tight spot. Either/or, nothing between. These are managed by an Elation DMX lighting board. There is also a 4-channel Elation dimming pack available with four 600w dimmable channels.

In addition, there is a Lowel lighting kit with tungsten lights- two 500w V lights, two 250w  Pro lights, various stands, grip, doors, umbrellas, gels, dimmers, and scrims.

Studio-A Rental Rates
Bare Studio-A: $250/half-day (4 hours) and $400/full-day (8 hours)
Studio-A AND Lights: $350/half day, $600/full-day.

(do you need crafty or lounge?)
Vehicle in the studio is possible.


If you are staying for the whole day, and need space for people to be/work separate/outside from the studio itself, you need Studio-PLUS.

Frisco Studios Kitchen

Studio-PLUS: is the studio…
PLUS a full kitchen with refrigerator, stove, oven, tableware, double sink, dishwasher and plenty of counter space for food /snacks / beverages to be set out for crew.
PLUS a lounge area with large coffee table, couches, chairs, and a high table with benches offering plenty of space for about 15 people to sit and eat.
NOTE: Basic Studio-A rental does NOT include these areas of the building.

Studio-PLUS Rental Rates
Studio-PLUS $500/half day (4 hours), $900/full day (8 hours)
Studio-PLUS, AND Lights: $600/half day (4 hours), $1100/full-day (8 hours).

Frisco Studios Lounge Area