Studio A / Studio-PLUS

STUDIO-A: Is the main studio. It includes a 21′ wall, through an “infinity corner” to 19 more feet of infinity wall. Perfect for head to toe videography and photography. The ceiling height at the wall is 8′ but the white wall continues up and the visual extension appears to be 10-12 feet high.


  • 21′ x 19′ (400 sf) room with a white cove and ceiling extension
  • 11′ to work lights
  • Air-conditioned
  • WiFi
  • 100 amps of power
  • Adjacent makeup area with natural light
  • 16′ x 30′ driveway ramp with 3′ loading doors. (not for parking)

Studio Diagram

If you are planning on filming and audio is critical please note that this studio is mostly sound-proof. It is heavily insulated, but the sounds of big trucks, as well as Fire or Ambulance sirens/horns on busy Main Street will get through. Most of the time, it is not audible on body mics during a production. But a boom mic will pick up more ambient sound.

Renting the studio includes space for people to be/work separate/outside from the studio itself.

Frisco Studios Kitchen

There is full kitchen with refrigerator, stove, oven, tableware, double sink, dishwasher and plenty of counter space for food /snacks / beverages to be set out for crew. There is also a living room area with large coffee table, couches, chairs, and a high table with benches offering plenty of space for about 15 people to sit and eat.

Studio Rental Rates:  $700/half day (4 hours), $1200/full-day (8 hours).


Frisco Studios Lounge Area


If you only need the interior of the studio for a short length of time, and will NOT be using any of the house,
not for phone calls, not for makeup, not for staging clothing or product or people, not for making calls,
then Studio ONLY is for you.
Perfect for headshot or product photographers.
Perfect for Vloggers who just need a dedicated filming space.

NOTE: Studio ONLY rental does NOT include any other areas of the building / property. Bathrooms are still available. 

Studio ONLY – Rental Rates:  $300/half day, $500/full-day.