Control Room / Production

Adjacent to Studio A is where we can put brains of Frisco Studios that makes multi-camera productions, training, live performances, streaming, and more possible all under one roof.

Frisco Studios Control Room


  • NewTek Tricaster Mini – Advanced Edition
  • Multiple Full-HD cameras hardwired to Studio A
  • 12-channel audio mixer
  • Talkback system
  • 4 Sony Professional wireless mics (handheld or bodypack lav)
  • Air-conditioned
  • 100 Mb up and down for clean streaming / web conferencing

Control room includes a Studio Manager to be onsite to oversee production, assist setup, run the Tricaster. However, additional crew costs are not included.
You can bring your own operators for Tricaster, Audio, Camera, Prompter, Floor manager, etc., or have us hire them in for you at additional cost.

Tricaster is designed to record internally.
You are welcome to bring alternate recording hardware to record the Tricaster output if you desire.

CONTROL ROOM – Rental Rates (crew not included)
$1100/half-day (4 hours) and $1600/full-day (8 hours)

CONTROL ROOM rental is in addition to and separate from Studio Rental.

Frisco Arts studio
Camera 1 with prompter in use at Frisco Studios.

Here’s a sample of how our four camera studio can work for you: