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Share The Moment

Live is NOW!

Today, being Live is being active. You command attention. Social media promotes live. But more importantly, live programming remains available after the fact and continues to entertain and promote long after it is live. It has an energy that you can’t get in an edited video. It is all “spur of the moment” and it feels completely different.

Frisco Studios has two multi-camera, live production kits. We can do it in our studio, or at another location. So whether you’re looking for a corporate year-end, or quarterly event / webcast, or a fun little social moment you want to capture, we can make that happen for you at a variety of price points.



Selling The Home

Today, it takes more than a few still images to really SELL a house.

You basically need a polished commercial production to step up the game and really promote a home’s biggest selling points.

Frisco Studios is proud to partner with elite Keller Williams realtor Jan Richey in the Frisco area to develop an innovative way to give visitors a real guided home tour- as if you were there with the realtor. This is far beyond some pan & scan photos, or some virtual tech that doesn’t work half the time, this is a personal, guided tour that not only introduces potential buyers to the high-points of the home, but also introduces them to the realtor, the person they will be interacting with when they go after that home.

But it is not as easy as it looks…


Telling Your Story

Would an SEO company need help reaching potential customers?
Absolutely. Every company does.

Frisco Studios helped Osky Blue establish the personal connection that popping up at the top of search results just doesn’t provide. Search results are good to get your foot in the door, but we all know decisions are based on relationships.

People trust people.

So when it comes to building that trust, Frisco Studios helps you open that door wide and establish a deeper connection with future customers.

Frisco Studios has decades of experience helping companies bridge the gap. Click through to see more stories of how we use video.