Studio Softlights – Theatre Curtain

I have four big fluorescent softlights.

These softlights were used in all our shows and provided plenty of light with little power demand. They have two power switches that turn on two lights each. They are not dimmable, but fire up immediately and look good on camera without a green cast (as you can see in the videos). I also have homemade cardboard “grids” to control spill for two of the lights. I threw the wheels away.

I used these lights on our in-studio lighting grid, but still have the light stands they came with. In fact I have a complete 5th setup as well. The light is currently not working, but may just need some new bulbs. I don’t know.

If you’d like all five lights, and stands, with the camera kit, total cost would be $3500.

All 5 lights separately for $400. 



I have ONE heavy duty theatrical drape.  16′ tall,  45′ wide. Reinforced top with grommets, weighted chain bottom. Excellent drape for stage use, or for use in a studio to control light, absorb sound, etc. It can be flown on a baton (tied to the baton) or on a sliding track, or to roof truss, anything really. It’s $300 for the drape. 

This photo is illustrative of my drape but it is not my exact drape. This photo has been brightened to show that this kind of drape is sectional, but my actual drape is very, very black. I was never able to put it up in my studio because the drape is far larger than my studio and I never ended up needing to have it re-hemmed to fit my studio. It has remained in storage since I bought it.