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Live is NOW!

Today, being Live is being active. You command attention. Social media promotes live. But more importantly, live programming remains available after the fact and continues to entertain and promote long after it is live. It has an energy that you can’t get in an edited video. It is all “spur of the moment” and it feels completely different.

Frisco Studios has two multi-camera, live production kits. We can do it in our studio, or at another location. So whether you’re looking for a corporate year-end, or quarterly event / webcast, or a fun little social moment you want to capture, we can make that happen for you at a variety of price points.

The August edition of our “Frisco Arts Friday – Live” spotlight show on the arts community featured emerging singer/songwriter Kendall Bowser and actor/director/producer Rebecca Moore. The Frisco Arts Association uses the Facebook Live platform to entertain and also to inform their followers about the very many activities coming up in Frisco’s vibrant Arts scene.

Using Frisco Studios for making Social Media Marketing

Frisco Studios produces the entire show, on-location at Frisco Studios. Using as many as six in-studio cameras, live titles, music playback, wireless mics and a big, fat connection to the internet to drive live engagement through Facebook comments. Views after the live show blow past 10,0000 and demonstrate the effectiveness of using high production values to tell your story.

The Frisco Chamber of Commerce knows well the importance of video- and they use it every year at their annual awards banquet. Anthony Burokas has provided those services for several years and is proud to provide this service to honor fellow local businesses.

When Frisco Style Magazine came to their annual Person of the Year award, they wanted to have their readers really get to know their 2017 recipient, Peter Burns. In addition to a printed article and custom photography, the magazine added yet another layer of media- a sit down interview with the honoree himself.

This interview was shot live, with multiple cameras, as an “armchair discussion” to give readers of the magazine a real, close appreciation for what Mr. Burns has done, why he has done it, and what he continues to look forward to doing. There’s nothing else that can really enable you to feel like you know a person like video can.

Dallas’ own Trinity Rail,  Semens,  Synclab Media,  Bell Helicopter,  ON 24,  Pixl Productions,  Ambit Energy,  Studios 121,  TEXO Construction Association,  Magic Production Group,  Finley Productions,  Merck & Co., and more have all relied on Anthony Burokas to produce the multi-camera video for their live events. Add to this 15 years of “live to tape” multi-camera production of Healthy Flavors and Flavors of America for PBS and Comcast.

Anthony Burokas and Frisco Studios has the equipment and the experience you need for your live, multi-camera event.